Athulya is a part of Tata Global Beverages’ Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives and works with the differently-abled.

Yes, great things happen when we work together and especially so when it is a bunch of young, physically challenged, hearing impaired and mentally challenged adults. Thirty three young adults, work together to create stationery required for the tea gardens and other private firms in and around Munnar.

Created in 1999, our hand-made paper unit was built on the back of a simple premise – Wealth from Waste. We decided to recycle waste paper, cut boards and other stationery waste from all our estate offices. We ventured further and decided the paper we create will only use natural additives found around Munnar like tea, eucalyptus leaves, lemon grass, pineapple leaves, onion peel, flower petals, elephant droppings and water hyacinth (which is a weed affecting our back waters). Marbeling and pasted paper is also done in hand-made paper.

Living up to our motto of “We can and we will” these enthusiastic youngsters have proved that with hard work anything is possible Today, as many as 52 eco-friendly, azo-free, biodegradable innovative products being routinely produced from basic hand-made paper. The unit hopes to experiment and introduce new methods and products to expand the marketing possibilities. The enthusiasm and interest that these youngsters demonstrate makes one feel “enthusiasm is a sign of spiritual health and imperfections are what make you beautiful”.