The Eucallyptus leaves paper and Lemongrass paper made with fresh leaves, acts as a natural insecticide and effectiuely repels small insects and silverfish. We make them in to sheets and they can be used for lining book shelves and cupboards. Its available in the form of rolls, each consisting of 6 sheets of 2 different sizes.

The unique pineapple leaves paper produced through a highly labour intensive process. The lantana paper made from the lantana stems, a local wild plant, is used for making various craft items.

The hand made paper produced in the unit in vibrant colours and designs are used for making different items like greeting cards, letter pads, waste paper boxes craft items , numbering around 50 - 60 items


1. Waste paper box- Which is collapsible and made in various colours and designs and easy to carry around.

2. Gift boxes- book shaped made with variious colours and designs.

3. Boxes of different shapes and sizes made with marbled hand made papers. We undertake made to order gift boxes in different sizes.

4. Folder with cloth covers as well as handmade paper with a set of letter papers and matching envelopes.

5. Magic box- a sewing kit box made in various colours and designs to hold sewing accesories.

6. Photo frames of different sizes, colours are made from moon rock handmade paper and marbled paper and made unique with pressed flower designs.

7. Gift bags and wine bottle bags of different sizes and colours.

8. Greeting cards are made to suit any occasion,made with pressed and preserved natural flowers that grow in and around Munnar.

9. Holders for napkin, envelopes.

10. Bookmarks with designs made out of pressed and preserved natural flowers and laminated. Different designs are available.

11. Gift envelopes of assorted colours and sizes.

12.Note pads made from tea waste paper.

Besides all these we produce office table sets, visiting cards etc.